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Developing a unified epistemology for HEALTH

Amidst the realms of knowledge, it is likely that an underlying level of cognitive dissonance exists with any analysis of HEALTH. To achieve greater clarity for the various attributes of HEALTH, a broadly acknowledged set of definitions for 11 associated concepts may be required: consider (alphabetically) CARING RELATIONSHIP, CLUSTER, COLLECTIVE ACTION, COMMUNITY, DISRUPTIVE PROCESSES, FAMILY, PERSON, SOCIAL CAPITAL, SOCIAL COHESION, SOCIAL DILEMMA, SOCIAL INTERACTION, and SURVIVAL COMMONS. To begin, I offer a sample definition for PERSON: "A fertilized ovum of the species Homo Sapiens with its individually unique Clusters of Human Capabilities that survives fetal transformation during maternal gestation to form a unique innate temperament and achieve sufficient resilience for survival at birth." The most salient attribute of this definition is its recognition of epigenetic processes and the origins of personality. The full set of 12 definitions may be found at

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