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Intimate Partner Violence as a risk factor for depression among women of child bearing age in Southern Africa

The WHO (2016) and CDC (2014) have respectively identified Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) as an important public health problem globally. Prevalence rates of IPV reportedly vary geographically and by economic strata albeit with limited effective evidence based interventions in the USA per the United States Preventive Services Task Force( 2018). The situation is worse in some Low-Middle income countries (WHO). Studies on the possible association between IPV and depression among non-pregnant women of child bearing age in southern Africa are limited (personal observation from literature search).

Which interventions/combination of interventions might be effective in reducing the impact of IPV on depression among this group of women: counselling/education; medication; respite/separation; early intervention e.g. risk prevention education for adolescents; improvement of socio-economic disposition?


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