Adoption of Effective BSSR in Practice

Significant Other vs Self Ratings of Emotional Distress

Epidemiological and interventional tests of measures of emotional distress (ED) as predictors/causes of adverse medical outcomes have almost universally relied on self-reported, or expert observation (based on very limited samples, such as interviews) measures. Those studies which have sought independent ratings by individuals who have known the patient over long periods of time in real life settings have consistently found superior predictive value/sensitivity for symptom severity, disease severity and outcomes, particularly in males. Ketterer MW, Kenyon L, Foley BA, Brymer J, Rhoads K, Kraft P & Lovallo WR. Denial of depression as an independent correlate of coronary artery disease. Journal of Health Psychology 1996, 1(1), 93-105. Ketterer MW, Huffman J, Lumley MA, Wassef S, Gray L, Kenyon L, Kraft P, Brymer J, Rhoads K, Lovallo WR & Goldberg AD. Five year followup for adverse outcomes in males with at least minimally positive angiograms: the importance of "denial" in assessing psychosocial risk factors. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 1998, 44(2), 241-250. Ketterer MW, Denollet J, Goldberg AD, McCullough PA, John S, Farha AJ, Clark V, Keteyian S, Chapp J, Thayer B & Deveshwar S. The big mush: Psychometric measures are confounded and nonindependent in their association with age at initial diagnosis of ICHD. Journal of Cardiovascular Risk 2002, 9(1), 41-48. Ketterer MW, Denollet J, Chapp J, Thayer B, Keteyian S, Clark V, John S, Farha AJ & Deveshwar S. Men deny and women cry, but who dies? Do the wages of "denial" include early ischemic coronary heart disease? Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2004, 51, 1-5. Lumley MA, Huffman JL, Rapport LJ, Aurora SK, Norris L & Ketterer MW. Do others really know us better? Predicting migraine activity from self- and other-ratings of negative affect. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2005, 58:253-258. Ketterer MW & Smith T. (2011). Self vs Other Reported Distress and CAC. Psychosomatic Medicine 73:721-722.

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