Synergy in Basic and Applied BSSR


Even though marijuana is illegal in the United States many states are permitting its "get high" use. As marijuana use expands, as we can expect since some factions are promoting it and spreading myths that it has no detrimental effect, and some states see taxing dollars that they can spend, we can expect more negative health impact. Both physical health and mental health will be adversely effected. This will drain more dollars from our research on and treatment off other current issues. We can expect more lung disease, car accidents, drop in work productivity, drop in academic prowess, drop in fertility rates,and some research says there might be an increase even in schizophrenia and paranoia cases, among others. Granted the aforementioned concerns may be anecdotal or research based, but a reasonable objective person can speculate that these would occur. Prevention is usually the best way to abutt such calamities, but there seem to be powerful lobbies who want this to happen, not because it brings any value to our society, but just because some can make more money, they believe. Ironically we see some emphasis on preventing smoking tobacco and vaping, but little, if any, about preventing this new health crisis. We need to publish more research and disseminate the information so reality hits the decision-makers. Doh!

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