Synergy in Basic and Applied BSSR

Understanding the Impact of Adverse Childhood Events on Adult Diseases

Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) have far reaching impacts on adult health, leading to an increase in addiction (drugs/alcohol), Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, etc. By addressing the reasons for the development of ACEs (e.g., food insecurity, unstable home life/trauma) and working to include education and coping skills, we might be able to shape the health of future generations. Addressing these issues is complicated, though, as not all of the necessary players have the ability to coordinate and communicate effectively. Therefore, establishing mechanisms through which local, state, and federal government entities can partner with non-profits and other stakeholders is key. The future health of our nation has the potential for improved outcomes by addressing ACEs in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. While the cost is most certainly high to do so, it is likely to show significant downstream cost savings by decreasing the incidence of several pervasive chronic diseases.

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