Q: Why is OBSSR using an interactive web-based tool?

A: IdeaScale offers a platform to reach interested parties and allow for multiple levels of participation and engagement. In addition to facilitating the submission of your own ideas, this web-based tool allows users to interact with and view ideas submitted by others.


Q: How will the input I submit be used by the OBSSR?

A: OBSSR is seeking your input to identify important new directions for health-related behavioral and social science research and critical gaps in the field.  These ideas may be used to update OBSSR Strategic Plan or generate other OBSSR activities.  No financial rewards will be given for submitted ideas.


Q: Why was I asked to provide an email address during registration?

A: IdeaScale will alert you by email to confirm your idea has been received and let you know if someone has responded to your idea. This is the only reason NIH will use your email and NIH will not store email addresses provided to IdeaScale beyond this purpose. Your email address is not shared with the public. Your input will be attributed to the Username, Full Name, and Affiliation you provided during registration. A pseudonym can be used for either or both Username and Full Name. Please see the IdeaScale Privacy Policy page for privacy information.


Q: Can I submit ideas anonymously?

A: Yes, individuals who would prefer not to have their name appear on the site may submit ideas anonymously—this option is available in the idea submission form and author names will show up as “Community member.”  Please note, anonymous registrants may not receive updates about the campaign unless they subscribe to OBSSR’s newsletter.  To subscribe to OBSSR listserv, please visit the OBSSR’s Contact Us page and click Subscribe.


Q: If I have already registered and would now like to change my real name to a pseudonym, how do I make this change so that I can post anonymously?

A: It is possible to edit both your Full Name and Username from your dashboard at any time. You can access the dashboard and your profile by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen (the default icon is a blue box with the first initial of the name you used to sign up), or on your full name in your mini-profile (appears in the right hand panel).


Q: Is there a way for me to mention another community member in my idea?

A: You can use @mentions in your ideas. Begin typing @"user name" and you will see an auto-complete list of matching usernames to select from. The selected community member will receive an email pointing towards the referenced content.


Q: Who should I contact if any technical issues arise?

A: You can contact IdeaScale support by emailing IdeaScale Support -- support@ideascale.com